Our CNC Lathe capabilities cover, through spindle stock size up to 4″ and are equipped with bar feeders to allow for high volume, complex parts at economical cost to our customers. 

Production Equipment

(1) Doosan S310N 

Diameter Capacity: 3″ Thru Spindle, 10″ Chuck

OAL Capacity: 8″


(2) EuroTech Elite 710 SLLY Quatroflex; 2 Spindle Twin Turret Live Tooling

Diameter Capacity: 2 3/4″ Thru Spindle

OAL Capacity: 6 1/2″

(1) Yama Seiki Model GS-200YS CNC Turning Machining Center

Diameter Capacity: 2″ Thru Spindle, 8″ Chuck

OAL Capacity: 8″

(1) Samsung SL35E 

Diameter Capacity: 4″ Thru Spindle, 12″ Chuck

OAL Capacity: 30″