Tri Part Screw Products’ vision is to provide our customers with a single point of purchase for all of their precision machined parts.

We supply our customers with multiple capabilities, integrated with engineering, craftsmanship and quality systems. We are your experienced ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high precision-machined products making full use of our:

• Swiss CNC lathes

• B&S CNC screw machines

• CNC lathes

• Multi-spindle screw machines

• CNC vertical machining centers

• O.D. grinding

• Gear hobbing

• Light assembly

Tri Part Screw Products’ core products include component parts of hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical power transmission systems.

Our mission is to be a leader in the manufacture of high precision screw machine parts, exceeding our customers’ needs through continuous improvement, assuring the long-term prosperity of ourselves and those we serve. Contact us and give us an opportunity to meet your manufacturing needs.

 We’ve been working with Tri Part for many years, so high quality is a given at this point. The reason we continue to work with them is their overall flexibility. They are one of only three vendors that have integrated with our MRP system, which speaks volumes about their commitment to us. On a scale of 1 to 10, they are at least a 9 when it comes to effective communication. 

Steve Gomez

Tri Part meets or exceeds our expectations when it comes to Customer Service, Technical Expertise, Problem Solving and On Time Delivery. 

Laura Inness

Our company has always had a strong/close relationship with the Tri Part team. Timeliness and striving for zero defects are the keys to our relationship. Due to our large number of sku’s, Tri Part does a great job overall in managing 90+% of all of our needs. 

Joe White

There has been a consistent responsiveness to our needs. Our questions are consistently met with an open mind and willingness to seek and find answers. 

Stephen Mustain

On many occasions, Tri Part has gone above the call of duty for us. We have scheduled PO’s, but often times, they meet short lead times and are willing to find ways to meet our high demands. 

Tina Davis




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