Tri Part Screw Products was started in the Spring of 1981. The business was started with three people, four B&S screw machines and 1,500 sq ft of manufacturing space. Our roots were all from the original Slick Electro, manufacturers of aircraft magnetos and ignition systems for small piston engine aircraft. We managed the contract machining side of this business, before starting Tri Part.

We quickly outgrew our space which led to building our state of the art facility in 1991. We now have over 20,000 sq ft and more than 50 employees working at Tri Part. We are bursting at the seams again and are discussing our next expansion!

Our equipment list’s from Wickman Multi-Spindle Screw Machines to the latest in CNC Swiss Automation and CNC Grinders.


Tri Part Screw Products is committed to the Continuous Improvement process.

Continuous Improvement:
We do the best we can to give our clients ideas aimed at improving quality and reliability, reducing cost and increasing sales, and specifically, we have an objective of providing ideas worth 15% of the business value each client has with us on a yearly basis.

We do have a commitment to maintain or improve our technology, industry standing & competitiveness.

Delivery Quantity:
We will work with our client to achieve delivery quantities that are reasonable for both parties.

Lead Time:
Our ramp-up lead time is typically 4 weeks. After ramp up, we typically can release with 24 hours against forecasted quantities on regularly moving parts.